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Monitoring the socioeconomic impacts - Action D3

The grasslands project has significant socioeconomic consequences based on an active approach aiming at the solution of the conflicts that may arise on a local level when the conservation prospect and the stakeholders' reasonable expectations meet.

To this purpose, thanks to the project, the Park acknowledges the role of the zootechnical operators as defense on the territory, offering the opportunity to use a best practices package regarding both infrastructures and the technical/practical directions. Moreover, thanks to the implementation of a harmonized regulation on the use of the pastures, the Municipalities, the Separate Administrations and the users of the goods of collective use will benefit from common and shared rules, in order to achieve the bureaucratic simplification and the improvement of the grassland management as well.

Also the actions aimed at the tourist management, with the creation of parking areas, the restoration of the damaged path network and the placement of the signs and information panels, will contribute to complete the socio-cultural element of the project for a better grassland conservation, considered as a common good which has to be properly managed in order to guarantee its future performance.

On the base of this premise, the action provides the monitoring of the project's socioeconomic impacts through questionnaires and surveys.
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