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The main goal of the project is the long-term conservation of different types of habitats within the territory of the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, by fostering appropriate grazing practices and careful tourist management modalities.

The grasslands, especially those situated on the great plateau of Campo Imperatore, have always been theater of extensive sheep, goat, cattle and horse farming, namely an activity which brought richness to the Gran Sasso's communities, and that still represents one of the most significant sustainable production realities in the protected area.

Nevertheless, the sustainability of these centuries-old practices is strictly connected with the preservation of the pastures' good conditions, and with the introduction of appropriate livestock farming practices. Some areas are in fact partially overloaded because of the cattle assembling in the watering places. On the other hand the extensive livestock farming reduction could cause a localized forsaking of the pastures, with the resulting decline and reduction of the habitats giving shelter to precious plant and animal species.

Thanks to their beautiful and charming places, grasslands appeal thousands of visitors in this area, and for this reason they are also involved in the tourist and hiking network.
Even in this case, if not properly used and protected, grasslands could be subjected to a sort of decline because of the hiking paths erosion, the inappropriate upkeep and the intense frequenting of the paths.

Therefore, by virtue of the high environmental value of grasslands, the project aims at intervening on different levels in order to improve the grazing and tourist infrastructures management, through actions which will positively affect the habitat conservation, everything within a strategy territorial subjects take part in. In this way it will be enhanced the value of this common heritage that should be properly managed in order to leave it intact for the next generations. 
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