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Actions for tourism

Considering the consequences that runaway tourism flaws entail for Campo Imperatore's habitats, especially in those areas and paths mostly frequented by hikers, the Life "Praterie" project includes a series of actions aimed at eliminating or reducing the threats of such an impact through a more careful organization and management of the tourist facilities.

The realization of a geo-database of the paths and of the most damaged sites will provide an operational guidance for the renovation and the requalification of a 10-km-long path network, and for the identification of specific areas to be used as parking areas for cars, motor vehicles and RVs. Special signs will allow the tourist flow to converge in designated areas, in order to stop tourists to cross the pastures, to park and to leave their non-biodegradable waste there.

Four information points will be opened in the park for the spread of best practices, and information activities as well as awareness campaigns will be carried out in regard to the project and to the respectful and aware use of the territory as a common good.

Development of the action

As provided by the action, project's funds have been invested for the creation of small delocalized car parks situated in those areas that had been already used previously for the same purpose, in order to avoid the parking of the cars in and the crossing of the pastures. They are equipped with specific posters aimed to raise the users' awareness of the respect of biodiversity and of grasslands.

Furthermore, a 21.5 km-long path network along the 90 km of paths belonging to the network including Campo Imperatore upland has been built to limit the hydrogeological instability. It includes part of the path leading to the Duca degli Abruzzi mountain hut (100D), the path towards Vado di Corno (215 A), Fossa di Paganica and Santa Maria del Monte (212), towards Lago Racollo and Fonte Macina (225) and the path towards Fonte Vetica (200 E).
The conclusion of the interventions will begin in spring 2016 and go on in summer and autumn with the positioning of the information and hiking signs and with the improvement of further stretches of the path network.
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