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Distribution of drinking troughs - Action C1

Preparatory to this action is the reconnaissance of the drinking troughs that need to be restored (Action A6), carried out through a survey about the distribution and conditions of the drinking troughs within the project area.

The lack of drinking troughs discourages breeders from equally spreading the livestock which usually converge in the areas equipped with troughs: as a consequence, those areas which are subjected to animals excessively treading soil are also subjected to serious erosion events, while in other areas the vegetation develops spontaneously.
On the other hand, because of the lacking drinking troughs, the livestock drink from the high mountain lakes, polluting and causing the eutrophication of their waters. Moreover, the animals treading these areas cause the erosion of the lakes' banks, and the consequent filling up with mud. The lack of drinking troughs, together with other infrastructural problems, makes the job difficult for the breeders, and it discourages them from keeping the traditional pasture activities.

The action C1 provides the building of three new drinking troughs and the renovation of four existing drinking troughs, besides the enclosing of the high altitude small lakes Racollo, Pietranzoni and of the Fossa di Paganica, through the use of removable electrified fences combined with the rebuilding or restoration of as much troughs.

Development of the action
An extraordinary action from the logistic and quality perspective has restored the aesthetic functionality of the Banconi watering trough, situated in the locality of the same name at an altitude of 1,800 meters. Moreover, it was completed the planning of the works aimed at the renovation/rebuilding of the Monte Cristo and Le Fontari water springs.
The planning of the fence to safeguard the Pietranzoni and Paganica lakes and of the simultaneous restoration of the related watering troughs is underway, whereas an experimental fence has been placed around the Racollo Lake, where the conclusion of the renovation works, with the enlargement of the trough connected to the lake, has been put off until spring 2016.
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