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Life Strade Project

Presentation of a system for the management and the reduction of the road collisions with wildlife

The fragmentation and degradation of the habitats is today one of the main causes of biodiversity loss. Unfortunately, those who are in charge of the infrastructures' planning, building and management are not completely aware of such a problem.

It would be necessary to plan the use of the territory including, among the purposes, the establishment of ecological networks able to preserve and restore the connections among the fragments of the remaining habitats, implementing all those measures able to limit the impact of the already existing infrastructures on biodiversity. Moreover, it would be necessary a paradigmatic revolution of the infrastructural planning which includes this problematic issue among those to be considered in the planning preparatory phases. Nowadays, unfortunately, the economics connected with the compensation costs is the main, and sometimes the only aspect which managers are concerned about, while the aspect regarding the impacts on biodiversity, if present, is moved to the background.

Within this context the LIFE STRADE project is proposed to draw the managers' attention to the problem regarding the loss of biodiversity, through the implementation of measures to reduce the barrier effect of a road infrastructure. Therefore, the project's general goals are: to develop and spread the necessary tools for the prevention and a proper management of the phenomenon of the collisions between wildlife and cars, to experiment and to prove an innovative prevention system that, in an interactive and simultaneous way, warn drivers and discourage animal from crossing the street in the most dangerous moments, to develop and spread a protocol for the monitoring and the management of the collisions between cars and wild animals.

Life Strade Project (from www.lifestrade.it)
Life Strade Project (from www.lifestrade.it)
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