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Disclosure of best practices - Action E1

Itinerant and management input activities

The itinerant disclosure of best practices and management input for a more appropriate pasture management, in order to safeguard the grasslands and to ensure a better business performance, is one of the project's key elements. Within the connections started through the active phase - namely the analysis of the problems and the drawing up of "environmental contracts" - this action conveys the project's bent for creating long-term cultural changes, as far as the environmental sustainability of the grazing activity is concerned.

Development of the action
In December 2015, the action E1 saw the project veterinarians carry out over 400 inspections in the farms in order to evaluate the livestock's mortality causes and spread best management practices, guaranteeing a qualified and continuous assistance which is very appreciated by breeders. The knowledge and the sharing of the breeding problems, gained thanks to the direct and constant contact with the veterinarians working in the field, has affected in a positive way the relationships with the operators, with positive consequences on the communication sphere which, together with the participatory paths with the stakeholders, led to the establishment of a mutual trust, which has reduced all the conflicts.
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