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Asiago: Green-Grass-Dairy Project

Grazing practice in the upland of the seven municipalities: management actions for the safeguard of the productions

Safeguarding biodiversity through the agricultural-food production is not only possible, but also necessary
This is the basic concept of a project which has been recently developed on the Asiago upland in order to study the improvement of the pastures and of the cattle grazing, both on a botanical and a nutritional level.
Considering the excellent products obtained, this will benefit not only the animals and the consumers, but also the biodiversity of the spontaneous plant species, which can be granted only through a virtuous use of the pastures.
The project starts from the analysis of the different types of pastures in order to detect the so-called weeds, analyze the causes of their development and find the solution instruments.
Weeds are all those plant species which are scarcely used by animals during grazing, or those that take away living space from other more appetizing species.
The causes can be found in grazing activities such as the under loading (from the under using to the abandonment) or the over loading (meaning the excessive number of animals).
A sustainable management of the pastures (that is not to under load or overload them) leads to a balanced presence of the species.
The best solution found is the choice of innovative agricultural and management practices.
It also emerged the necessity to implement Rules and Controls. The rules are included in the policy document which is inspired by the respect of traditions and by the pursuit of sustainable grazing activities.
All this in order to perpetuate the presence of man considered as an economic and environmental subject within the marginal framework.


Asiago Upland
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