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Assessment of management problems - Action A5

The critical aspects connected with the farm management modalities sometimes put livestock in dangerous predation events occurring because of wild animals, and they often cause conflicts.

With this premise the Action will start from the analysis and the assessment of the problems connected with the extensive breeding of sheep and horses on the mountain pastures, through a field research that will involve at least one hundred productive realities.
The study will provide a description of the farms' vulnerable conditions, and it will be useful to suggest how to change the livestock management modalities, in order to mitigate the frequent conflicts and tensions between the public administration and the private sector through a practical and prompt intervention which will be considered as positive by the breeders too.
For these reasons the action can be considered as preparatory to the action C2 - structural interventions to foster the uniform grazing activities - the action C3 - concertation to achieve the optimization of the pastures management - and the action E1 - itinerant spread of best practices and management input.
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