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Keep to the trail! Help us protect the environment and your safety

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Help us protect Gran Sasso's high-elevation grasslands

The LIFE Praterie project aims at preserving the grasslands' biodiversity. In order to achieve this purpose, trails must be restored, too, as they run through delicate and valuable natural environments such as grasslands, screes, rocky stretches.

The Park hiking trails cross many different habitats, some of which are of primary importance.

The most popular paths are eroded in places: water, flowing into the deep marks in the ground, carries gravel onto the surrounding grassland.

Furthermore, erosion gets worse when hikers make "detours" (taking shortcuts, or cutting across the hairpin turns).

That is why preserving the grassland biodiversity also requires to restore the hiking trails.

Protected species that live in priority habitats: Apennine chamois, northern crested newt, Orsini's viper.

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