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Aiming at the long-term defense of the grasslands from the decline threats deriving from the farming and tourist activities at the same time, the project activities will focus on two strategical strongholds of the pasture regulations and of the tourist fruition enhancement in areas with a high nature value.

As far as the first stronghold is concerned, the project includes a series of actions, some of which are preparatory, such as the realization of a geographical and photographical database concerning the soil utilization and the most damaged areas, and the launch of virtuous relationships with the involved local subjects in order to achieve a fruitful sharing of the project's inner meaning and goals.

For this reason it is of crucial importance to match the grazing regulations within a negotiation procedure taking into great account the breeders' management and socioeconomic problems. A series of infrastructural interventions will be implemented in order to directly improve the habitat conservation, such as the building of new water troughs to make animals evenly spread all over the territory, the installation of enclosures and shelters for veals and sheep to limit the damages caused by predation and to avoid the social conflict. Throughout the project a permanent action of orientation and technical support will be guaranteed in order to easily spread the best grazing management practices. The small high-altitude lakes will be fenced to prevent the cattle to destroy their shores.

Among the actions dedicated to the tourist management, the project includes the renovation of the path network, the realization of eight parking areas for cars and recreational vehicles, the placement of appropriate panels to make tourist flows converge on dedicated areas in order to safeguard the meadows and pastures.

Good practices will be spread among breeders and the public thanks to the opening of information points in four strategical areas within the Park, and thanks to information and awareness campaigns on the project and on the respectful and conscious fruition of the territory as a common good.
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