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Socioeconomic Aspects

The "Praterie" project has significant socioeconomic implications having their foundations on the active approach started by the Gran Sasso and Laga Park some years ago, and improved thanks to the previous community project entitled Life Ex-Tra (LIFE07NAT/IT/000502) "Improving the conditions for large carnivore conservation - a transfer of best practices". This approach is based on the acknowledgment of the role and the support of local communities in the environmental policies, and on the promotion of a long-lasting and representative participation of the several requests and expectations expressed by the local stakeholders.

The project's surplus value will be the drawing up of "environmental contracts", where the Park recognizes breeders' safeguard role in the territory, offering the opportunity to implement a set of best practices concerning both the infrastructures and the technical and practical aspects.
Moreover, through the adoption of balanced regulations on the use of the pastures, the Municipalities, along with the local governments and the users of the civic use goods, will benefit for the first time from common and shared rules, in order to implement a bureaucratic simplification, besides an improvement of the management of grasslands that are now considered as a common good which should be properly managed, in order to ensure its productivity also for the future.

The analysis of the critical aspects connected with the farm management modalities, that put livestock in dangerous predation events occurring because of wild animals, will entail the drafting of a vulnerability chart of the farms useful to predict changes to the pasture management modalities, with the aim of reducing both conflicts and social tension.
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