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Back to the future? Presentation of the 1922 book “Prati e pascoli di montagna”

13th October, 3.00 pm, Fano Adriano (TE)

(06 October 2017) - The concluding events of the LIFE Praterie project, scheduled from 11 to 13 October, also include an interesting publishing event to present the reprint of the book by Giuseppe Sciarra "Prati e pascoli di montagna" (mountain prairies and pastures), published in 1922 for the Chair of Agriculture of the Province of Teramo. The presentation will take place on 13 October at the City Hall in Fano Adriano. Speakers: Park President Tommaso Navarra, Mayor Adolfo Moriconi, former director of the "Melchiorre Delfico" Library of Teramo Luigi Ponziani, nephew of the author Paolo Sciarra, and book curator and Park ecologist Silvia Scozzafava.

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