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In this section you can find the press releases on the most significant project's progresses, the actions, the initiatives and the events.

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Latest News
foto della notizia"Praterie" taking part in the European Conference on Ecological Restoration in Oulu - Finland
(07 Aug 14) The Praterie Project Coordinator Pina Leone and the staff technician Osvaldo Locasciulli will be busy from 3rd to 8th August presenting the "Praterie" Project on the occasion of the European...
foto della notiziaThe report of the plenary workshop in Fonte Cerreto has been published
(22 Jul 14) The PDF file of the report regarding the second plenary workshop which took place on the 24th of June at the Fiordigigli Hotel in Fonte Cerreto is now available online. The document describes the par...
foto della notiziaThe first draft of the Guidelines for the Grazing Regulation has been defined
(Assergi, 27 Jun 14) (Assergi, June 27th, 2014) - The first draft of the guidelines, representing one of the qualifying actions of the Life "Praterie" Project, has been defined. On the occasion of the second general parti...
foto della notiziaThe restoration of the watering trough of Banconi has been started
Thanks to the State Forestry Corps
(Assergi (AQ), 23 May 14) Within the Life "Praterie" Project , co-financed by the European Commission in the Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains National Park, the "Action C1 - Distribution of the watering points" has been launched:...
foto della notiziaLife Praterie: development of the actions until March 2014
(Assergi (AQ), 26 Mar 14) The monthly update during the staff meeting, which took place on the 20th of March, highlighted that the "Praterie" project's actions are positively proceeding in respect of both the schedule ...
foto della notiziaPark's managers debating about the participated drafting of the Grazing Frame Regulation
(26 Feb 14) Within the Life Praterie Project an intense and positive meeting of Mayors, Separated Goods Managers and Park Authority took place on the 25th of February in Assergi with the aim of urging the protec...
foto della notiziaThe territory and the wish to participate
Success of the territorial meetings for the development of the grazing regulation
(21 Jan 14) The four territorial meetings organized by the Gran Sasso and Laga National Park within the Life "Praterie" project, and especially regarding the participatory process for the shared development of a ...
foto della notiziaThe Life Project's biannual newsletter entitled "Praterie" (Grasslands) is online
Number 1 of the 30th December 2013
(Assergi (AQ), 09 Jan 14) The first issue of the biannual newsletter "Praterie" is available online, and it describes the first results of the Life Project's actions implemented by the Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains Park (th...
foto della notiziaAbruzzo 24 ore.tv's reportage on the workshop in Camarda
"Le praterie del Gran Sasso e i faticosi sentieri della partecipazione" (Gran Sasso grasslands and the laborious paths of participation)
(09 Jan 14) An extended reportage - with texts and images by Filippo Tronca who followed its entire development, and editing by Alessandro Di Giacomantonio - describes the workshop which launched the par...
foto della notiziaDelivery of tensile structures to shelter the lambs
A notice for the expressions of interest has been published
(Assergi (AQ), 08 Jan 14) Notice to create a ranking of farmers interested in receiving the free loan of the mobile structures to shelter the lambs in the park area during the summer transhumance. The action C2 o...

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