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Italian crested newt

(Triturus carnifex)

It was formerly acknowledged as a geographical race belonging to the species T. cristatus, but recent studies raised it to the rank of real species. Besides in the different distribution area it differs from the T. cristatus also in the shape of its forelegs which are proportionally longer, in the less rough skin and in the absence of white spots on its sides, as well as in the presence of a yellow stripe above its back, usually in the females. It is the biggest newt among the italian ones.
The italian crested newt is also present in Austria (in the provinces of Salzburg and Vienna), in the southern Bavaria, Slovenia, Coratia, southern Switzerland and Italy.
In Italy it is distributed all over the territory, in the lower areas under 600 or 700 m above sea level. It is not present in Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia.  
The main causes of its decline can be found in the progressive reduction of the reproduction habitats, partially caused by the excessive impacts of agriculture on these areas.
Italian Crested Newt
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