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In this section you can find the press releases on the most significant project's progresses, the actions, the initiatives and the events.

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Latest News
foto della notiziaThe veterinarians support the breeders in the management of their farms
405 surveys have been carried out
(21 Jan 16) A structured series of actions focused on assistance and spread of best practices -  many of which implemented thanks to the constant debate with the breeders - have been carried out by the pro...
foto della notiziaA LIFE project completely dedicated to the territory
The "numbers" of "Praterie" three years after its beginning
(08 Jan 16) Three years after its beginning, "Praterie" is achieving the planned goals of protection, maintaining all of its commitments made towards the territory and its operators. As far as the actions dedi...
foto della notiziaThe newsletter No. 3 has been published
The state of play in the project in December 2015
(01 Jan 16) The newsletter No. 3 is online to provide information about the current situation and the development of the project's actions. This edition starts with an editorial by Domenico Nicoletti, the Park'...
foto della notiziaThe news show Tg3 “Ambiente Italia” about "Praterie"
On Saturday 28th November, at 12:55 pm.
(27 Nov 15) The pastures' biodiversity, safeguarding the small lakes' habitats, the renaturalization of the eroded paths, the animals grazing in the beautiful landscape of Campo Imperatore, all this will be bro...
foto della notiziaMr. Nicoletti, the Park's Director, announces the next meetings with the local governments
(29 Oct 15) On the occasion of the staff's monthly meeting, the Park's Director, Domenico Nicoletti, had the opportunity to analyze the themes of the project and to appreciate its goals aimed at improving the m...
foto della notiziaA video to tell the experience on the Asiago uplands
(21 Oct 15) The protection of the pastures as assurance of the final product's quality and the shared responsibility in the conservation of the grassland's biodiversity, in order to guarantee unique and ...
foto della notiziaNew videos on the activities under way
(28 Sep 15) New videos about the project's actions and the events it took part in are online. The videos, realized by Valerio Quartapelle, deal with the participation of the project in some summer event...
foto della notiziaRedistribution of the drinking troughs: interventions in the Racollo lake area
Action C1
(03 Sep 15) The interventions of the project related to the Action C1 - Redisitribution of the drinking troughs, involve the technicians and the staff of the park in the building of a watering trough near...
foto della notiziaThe participatory process described by the coordinator Pina Leone at Expo 2015
(18 Jun 15) On Tuesday 15th June, at the Auditorium Palazzo Italia, in the areas of Expo 2015, the project coordinator Pina Leone spoke during the meeting entitled "Appennino Parco d'Europa - I parchi abr...
foto della notiziaNew information panels on the Project's actions
Realized on the occasion of the events which took place in August 2014 in Campo Imperatore
(09 Sep 14) In this website's section entitled "documents/panels" you can find the new information panels describing the project's actions. Three panels, entitled "How far have we gone?", describe what have been ...

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