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In this section you can find the press releases on the most significant project's progresses, the actions, the initiatives and the events.

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Latest News
foto della notizia80 griffon vultures in Campo Imperatore keep the "Praterie" clean
Spectacular sight of a wake…. with some "foreigners", too
(06 Oct 16) In the last few days, those happening to be in Campo Imperatore have been able to observe something unique and fascinating, although slightly visceral: 80 griffon vultures eating the carcass of a cow,...
foto della notiziaAn example of good practices for pasture management: old rules with a modern twist
Round-table at the October Fair in Arischia
(04 Oct 16) At the 2016 edition of the October Fair, the Association Abruzzo Fiera di Arischia organised the workshop "Life Praterie: armonizzazione del pascolo", to inform local stakeholders about the important ...
foto della notiziaDissemination of good practices for breeding: the action in figures
(04 Oct 16) "Praterie" veterinarians work in the field, with 660 visits to livestock farms.Adopting good practices in breeding management and grazing organisation increases farm productivity and improves grasslan...
foto della notiziaWhen the quality of the pastures coincides with that of cheese and taste
A video shows the importance of safeguarding the grasslands and the extensive farming
(20 Sep 16) There is an indissoluble bond between quality of the territory, quality of the pasture and quality of the dairy production; the sensory properties of the latter are strictly connected to the environme...
foto della notiziaThe staff of Praterie in the frontline to face the earthquake emergency
(01 Sep 16) The technicians and the  representatives of the Park composing the staff of Praterie have engaged with extraordinary self-denial in the earthquake emergency which struck the municipalitie...
foto della notiziaDreadful earthquake in the part of the Gran Sasso Laga Park included in Lazio and in the Marches
The projects stands by the earthquake-struck communities
(24 Aug 16) Not yet has the wound caused by the earthquake of L'Aquila in 2009 healed, and another earthquake struck with terrible violence the territory of the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park...
foto della notizia"Praterie" at the 57th sheep festival
Help Desk in Campo Imperatore on August 5th
(03 Aug 16) The "Praterie" project will take part in the 57th edition of the Sheep Festival in Campo Imperatore, organized on August 5th by the Chamber of Commerce of L'Aquila. A particularly sign...
foto della notiziaThe herbarium and the tastes of the Pecorino cheese of Castel del Monte
On the 4th of August taste experiences, between dairy techniques and pastures' quality
(28 Jul 16) On August 4th the Help Desks of "Praterie", within the communication, education and territorial promotion  activities, aimed at spreading the values and the goals of the LIFE project, ...
foto della notiziaYouth Skyrunning World Championship
Official opening with the Park and the Praterie Project
(28 Jul 16) Tomorrow 29th July, at 10.30 am, at the square of Fonte Cerreto di Assergi, the opening ceremony of the Youth Skyrunning World Championship, organized by the Italian Skyrunning Federation, whi...
foto della notiziaPhilip Lymbery, the famous author of “Farmageddon”, meets the "Praterie" project
(25 Jul 16) Last Sunday the LIFE "Praterie" staff welcomed the English writer Philip Lymbery, director of the international NGO "CIWF" (Compassion In World Farming) and author of the famous book entitled ...

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