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In this section you can find the press releases on the most significant project's progresses, the actions, the initiatives and the events.

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Latest News
foto della notizia4th monitoring visit of the European Commission to the LIFE Praterie Project
(22 May 17) In the last few days, the LIFE Praterie Project received the fourth monitoring visit of the European Commission, carried out by technical desk officer Ylenia Babetto and external monitor Riccardo Scal...
foto della notiziaPark Municipalities adopting new pasture regulations are now 11
The project thus achieves its main goal
(05 May 17) Instead of 8 (as the project envisaged), Municipalities within the Gran Sasso-Laga National Park having renewed their pasture regulations are today 11. These municipalities have adopted inputs from th...
foto della notiziaLIFE Praterie mentioned as a good practice in Philip Lymbery’s book “Dead Zone”
(10 Apr 17) The last chapter of Philip Lymbery’s book “Dead Zone” begins with the author’s trip to Gran Sasso-Laga National Park, to visit the LIFE Praterie project area. “Dead Zone&...
foto della notiziaProfessor Roger Thompson from New York takes an interest in the contents of “Praterie”
Skype conference with staff members
(13 Mar 17) Cultural and scientific interest towards the LIFE “Praterie” project increases. After British writer Philip Limbery  (CEO of CIWF - Compassion in World Farming, and author of the accl...
foto della notiziaMunicipality of Castelvecchio Calvisio approves new Pasture Regulation
Adopting the Guidelines’ contents
(14 Feb 17) Good news for the project, in the framework of Project Action C3 - "Negotiation activities to optimise pasture management plans", which is one of the project’s most representative and ambitious ...
foto della notiziaAbruzzo shepherd dogs “show the way”
(13 Jan 17) he LIFE “Praterie” project has introduced the practice of using shepherd dogs to guard cows, as well as sheep: a success, even beyond borders. In Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National ...
foto della notizia‏Outcomes of the technical meeting on pasture regulations with Municipalities and ASBUCs
(16 Nov 16) ‏In the last few days, a technical meeting on pasture regulations has taken place at the Park office in Assergi, with the participation of administrators from the Municipalities and ASBUCs who had...
foto della notiziaThe weekly magazine “Quale formaggio” gives great visibility to pastureland, Campo Imperatore cheese, and “Praterie” Project
(09 Nov 16) ‏This week’s issue of the renowned magazine “Quale formaggio”, directed by Stefano Mariotti, a leading trade journal for the Italian dairy industry, includes a long article on th...
foto della notiziaPasture regulations: technical meeting with the administrators
Assergi, Thursday, 10th November, 10am
(08 Nov 16) ‏In the framework of Project Action C3 (Negotiation activities to harmonise grazing plans), a technical meeting is going to take place Thursday, 10th November at 10am, at the Park office in Asserg...
foto della notizia‏“Praterie” in L’Aquila for the “Mountain Festival”
October 14th to 16th
(13 Oct 16) ‏“Praterie” is going to have a stand at the 2016 edition of the Mountain Festival, to be held from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th October at the city Auditorium and at the park of L’...

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